Monday, March 21, 2016

It's Bloggiesta Time! Starting line Spring 2016

 Today is the day, the first day of Spring 2016 Bloggiesta.  It's a whole week, which I love mainly because I get so much more done with the whole week.  I'm not rushing trying to get small things done like I do for the weekend one.  So my list for this Bloggiesta is a bit longer than my normal lists.  I'm also going to be posting an update on my progress everyday! Below is my starting line list, mainly what I plan on getting done today.  

If you've never heard of Bloggiesta, you can CLICK HERE for more information.  It's mainly an event where you work on your blog and other bloggy things.  There's challenges, twitter chats, this time around they've started doing mastermind groups. Which I'm super excited about.  It's a blogging event online, that I participate in every time. 

So today I plan on knocking out a few of the harder things off my list right away. Plus I want to participate in at least one challenge today as well. 

  • Post this post (LOL) and mark off the items I complete.
  • Participate in the 4 PM Twitter chat.
  • Update Review Index 
  • Visit Challenges pages and pick two or three that I would like to do. 
  • Complete 1 Challenge   (Added my audiobooks to
  • Visit a few participating blogs and leave comments.  (I've visited 10 blogs today and commented.)

I'm also working on a bunch of new idea's for this blog. Really want to start posting some fresh content.  So that is my goal for the next couple of months.  

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