Friday, December 16, 2011

Ali's Bookshelf Mini Me Corner

This is going to be a new feature here on Ali's Bookshelf.  My little girl is always asking me about what I'm doing on my blog, so I'm going to start letting her help me, but in her own little section called Ali's Bookshelf Mini Me Corner.  I call it that becuase well she is my mini me! She looks just like me, you will get to see it becasuse our first review will be done on video.  It will be posted this weekend probably on Saturday so make sure you come back to the blog to check it out!

She will be reviewing children's books .actually we will be doing it together.  She will tell you what she thinks and I will tell you what I think then we will be grading the books! She will have her own grading system and everything so make sure you check this out.  I think its going to be fun!! I also hope it helps those out there that read my blog that are also moms, well I hope it helps you all pick out great books for your kids!

Attention Children's Book Authors: IF you would like us to review your book we would gladly do that, but just like on Ali's Bookshelf we wont accept ecopies.  We can't, sorry I'm really trying hard to get an ereader though.  Just send me an email to and we can chat all about your book and check it out for review! 

Same goes for Publishers, we will gladly check out any books you would like to contact us about. 

Alright so there you have it.  Ali's Bookshelf Mini Me Reviews will start being posted possibly this weekend!!!


Jennifer | Book Den said...

What a wonderful thing for you guys to do together. :) How old is she?

Ali said...

Samantha is 7 yrs old and loves to read! Of course lol

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