Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ali Talks Live with C.L. Parker

I am stoked about tonight's show.  Tonight I am going to be chatting with C.L. Parker the amazing and talented author of Supernova and Cataclysm.  

Tonight's show is at  8 PM EST. So make sure you check it out.  Also don't forget you can call in and ask her questions as well and you can ask questions in the chat room.  Its up to you how you want to ask them! 

Below you will find C.L. Parker's Bio and Pic and the number to call in as well! Then after the show, just in case you miss it, the recording of the show will be on this post as well!!

Number To Call In and Talkshoe Link:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 118923

 Talkshoe Link!
Author Bio 
C.L. Parker lives in Frankfort, Kentucky with her two sons and a dog. Born in Los Angeles, California, her parents decided to move back to their native town two weeks after her birth. There, she grew up with her three sisters and mother, and they remain inseparable to this day. She loves hard, laughs until it hurts, and lives like there’s no tomorrow.

A retirement counselor by day and a story weaver by night, Parker’s reality is that she is easily lost to a world of fantasy, driven to bring her characters to life if only in the pages of a book – for their story is one that must be told.

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