Thursday, August 2, 2012

#BlogFlash2012 Day 2

So, it's day 2 of #BlogFlash2012 and today's prompt, well let's take a look at it shall we...

Today's prompt and post is going to be a bit personal, which is something I don't do a lot on my blog.  It's not going to be about blogging or books, nope its going to be a bit about my life right now.  

As you can see the prompt <----- right over there, its called A Furry Friend and sadly I don't have one right now.  But, I am actually looking to adopt a dog at this time.  I've been looking for over a week at the pounds in my area.  I'm searching for a great family dog, one that will be great with my kids and very protective of us and my house.  

My boyfriend and I are both looking and wanting a German Shepherd and we had thought we had found the perfect one and really wanted her.  But sadly they gave her away to another family.  I'm okay with that as long as she is loved and taken care of, that's all the matters right?

Well, anyway we are still on the look out for our soon to be Furry Friend.  I'll keep you all updated once we find him or her!!

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