Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Bookshelf Add: Alice in Verse The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland

Title: Alice in Verse The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland
Author: J.T. Holden 
Illustrations: Andrew Johnson
Publisher: Candleshoe Books
Pub. date: December 18th 2009
                                                                                 Pages: 112 pages
                                                                                  Find it: Amazon 

 Who really stole the Queen's tarts? Whatever did become of the Walrus & the Carpenter after their nefarious jot down the briny beach with the little Oysters? Is there truly any sense to be found in nonsense at all? Come follow Alice down the rabbit-hole once again as Lewis Carroll's timeless classic is reimagined through the lyrical language of Wonderland...where a Caterpillar dispenses an indelible lesson, a Cat offers safe haven and (fairly) sound advice, and a Hatter and Hare throw a mad tea party before matching wits at the trial of the century!

(Synopsis and picture from Goodreads)

Where I heard about this book...

 I first heard of this book from a email I got asking me to review J.T. Holdens other book Twilight Tales. I agreed to review it and loved it. (Click title to take you to my review) So after I read Twilight Tales, I wondered about J.T.'s other books, so I went looking and when I saw this one I knew I really had to read this one! The great people at Kuro Books sent it to me with a bunch of bookmarks to giveaway to all of you!!!

Why I'm Adding it to My Bookshelf

I am adding this great book mainly because I loved Twilight Tales and I love Alice and Wonderland so this book has got to be amazing.  The Illustrations are amazing in this book as well.  The synopsis caught my attention right away and I can't wait to find out who really took the Queen's Tarts lol.  I can't wait to see what happens in this book! 

When I'll be Reading it...

 I'm really excited to read this book, so I'm hoping to have it read this month, but if not it will defiantly be read in Feb. 

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