Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Book to Movie: The Hobbit

So this is a feature here on Ali's Bookshelf were I discuss a book that has been turned into a movie and which one I liked more.  You would be surprised sometimes I love the movie more than the book...but don't tell anyone that lol.

So today we are going to be talking about The Hobbit! 

So the other day I got the chance to see the new movie The Hobbit and I must say I was disappointed.  I loved the book so much but the movie didn't even come close for me.  I didn't like that they have split it up and made it more than one movie.  It was one book and it seemed like they had dragged out the movie just so they could make it more than one movie.  

I also didn't like the way they ended it.  It seemed way to cheesy for a book and author of this caliber.  They should have done better than that! It felt to copy-cattish to me.  (IF that is even a word lol)

I liked the way it started out though, we got to see the beginning of The Lord of the Rings and  I really liked how they tied it in.  But like I said it just didn't hit it home for me.  

So I would defiantly have to say the Book one this round for me.  I really hope they do better on the next movie, because I will go see it.  

To see what I thought of the book: CLICK HERE!

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