Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ali's Great Fall Young Adult Reads!

 I wanted to do something a bit different, today I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite fall reads.  But when I started the list, I couldn't keep from adding some children and adult books to the list.  So I decided that I would do a series of posts, one post for each category.  Today's post will be for the 10 Young Adult Books that I have chosen.

Young Adult Reads

There was a method to my madness when I was choosing this list of books.  One I got an email from one of my favorite book stores the other day and it mentioned great fall reads so I thought that would be a fun post to do on my blog.  When I started to work on this post the first thing I did was go to my shelves and looked for any book that had the actual word Fall in it.  Yep I actually had a few.  Next I looked for any book cover that looked fallish.  After that I picked a few just because I love the books or I'm re-reading them right now.  So that was my method on picking the books for this one.

Make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow's post, Great Fall Children's Books.  I'm really excited about that post, it was a lot of fun choosing which books to pick.  I never realized how many children's books there really were for Fall.

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