Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Post: Handing Over the World Building to the Characters with Alyssa Rose Ivy

Today I am so excited to share a guest post with you from Alyssa Rose Ivy.  The amazing and very talented author of The Afterglow Trilogy.  She is with us today sharing her world building experiences!  I want to thank Alyssa Rose Ivy for being with us today and for sharing this post with us. 

Handing Over the World Building to the Characters

I like people building more than world building. Yeah, I know that probably isn’t what you expect to hear from a fantasy writer, but it’s true.  All of my stories start with the characters, and it’s through them that I begin to develop the world. Energo, the hidden world in the Afterglow Trilogy, developed out of the relationship between Charlotte and Calvin.  As I explored the relationship, the backdrop naturally fell into place. From Calvin’s home in Rawlins to the capital city of Bellgard, I developed each location in Energo in response to the character’s needs and motivations.  Of course the characters can’t do it all. Eventually my focus shifts from the characters to all of the small details that really bring a fantasy world alive.

Am I the only one who lets the characters build the world?

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