Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mission: Supernova chapter 5

*Spoiler Alert and Warning: These posts are going to contain quotes from the book and if you haven't read or aren't reading along right now, I suggest you not read any further.  If you do you are reading at your own risk.  Fair Warning, plus there is some language in this post so it's not for the youngins!!* 

Seriously, C.L. Parker you are killing me with all this sexual tension in this chapter, just saying lol.  But you know me I love it! 

Last night, I read chapter 5 and ooo la la... I'm not sure if it was the bacon grease on him in the kitchen or him in the kitchen cooking with his shirt off that had me all hot, but damn either way it was an amazing part of this chapter.  

It might have been the scene where he almost um well....

All the signs were there. He was going to kiss her. His lips barely brushed against hers, and she sucked in a stuttering breath in anticipation of the contact she desired.

Um...yummy!!! I really enjoyed this chapter a lot besides the hotness we get to learn more about the connection between Kerrigan and Dominic and we get to lean more about the Light!

All in all this is a great chapter packed with hotness, information and a little pinch of a Ghost!

So my question for C.L. Parker today would have to be about the Mustard Remedy is that made up or does it really work? 

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