Monday, December 9, 2013

What Books to Buy Children and Teens for Christmas 2013

Alright so this is going to be a series of posts, one that will showcase books that I think are great gifts for children and teens.  I thought it would be a great way to showcase the books and to share some gift ideas.    

I've been wanting to put this type of list together for a while, so when I was asked to do just that I decided it was time. 

Today's post is going to be children's books that were released this year, then I will be working on other posts as well with teen books, middle grade books, and even other classic children's books. 
So let's do this.  

This book is great for little girls and I think it's perfect for any girl around the age of 6 to 8, but any younger it could be read too. 

Dragon's Alphabet Soup by Rachel Yu and Michael Yu

Love this story, great way for children to learn their letters as well.  I love a great book that teaches something. 

A Berry Good Dream by Michael Yu  

This one is great for children ages 2 -8.  Love this cute story and the images are beautiful and colorful!

This book is great for the younger girls as well.  The images and story are very fitting the age group.  

Goddess Girls (Any of the books in this series.) 

8 - 10 age group for this one.  My little girl loves these and they are chapter books but worded perfectly for their reading level. 

Alright, make sure you keep coming back for more of these posts, I will continue doing them till a few days before Christmas. 

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