Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dear Readers: What's Been Going On With Me

Dear Readers,

So as most of you already know, my life has been a bit crazy lately and that's the main reason I haven't really blogged on here much.  That's about to change, like I promised at the end of 2014.  Last year, was one filled with sadness for me.  My parents house burned down, broke up with a long time boyfriend and well at the end of 2014 I felt pretty bummed. I didn't feel like blogging or working at all and I let a lot of things drop to the waste side.  For that I am sorry, I love this blog and I love my authors.

But at the very end of 2014, I ended up starting my company back up for marketing for authors, this time using my actual last name to set it up.  Justice PR was born and I started promoting authors, which is something that I really love doing.  Also a guy that I've had a thing for since I was like twelve got a hold of me on Facebook and well we've been dating for a bit now.  (I don't like to share about my love life so let's just leave it at that.)

About a month or two later, I had an author come talk to me and asked if I still wanted to move into Literary Agent and I had been thinking about it for a year or two.  It had been the plan for Jitterbug, but after a good thinking period, I agreed and Justice Literary was born.

Justice Literary has taken up a lot of my time, reading queries and manuscripts, has begun to take over.  But, I've decided that I'm not going to let it.  It's my business and I am now setting up a plan to take care of each thing on certain days.  I now have three amazing author clients that I have signed under Justice Literary and I have two more that I'm thinking of taking on as well.

Like I said though, I'm working on doing things a bit different and I'm adding my blog back into the list of things that have to be done.  So today, I'm going to be working on this blog.  I have a menu that has gone missing and I have my lovely design person, Butterfly-o-Meter designs working on fixing it.  (If you haven't heard of her, she designed this blog for me and I love it. She's fantastic to work with and her prices are reasonable.)

Here is my plan for today:

  • Write up a few reviews and schedule them to post
  • Work on my menu and get the links sent over that my designer needs
  • Schedule some memes for next week and have them ready to post. 
  • Add a few new things to the blog.  
  • Work on the Cooking with Ali stuff and start the posts for the new feature.
 Yeah, that's my list just to start.  I find that if I make a list I actually get things done.  So what have you all been up to? Anyone have any suggestions on how I can keep up with things on this blog?  Leave me some comments below, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks for sticking with me, it means a lot!

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