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Review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Review: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Title: Breaking Dawn
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Publisher: Little Brown
Audiance: Young Adult
Format: Hard Cover

Twilight tempted the imagination. New Moon made readers thirsty for more. Eclipse turned the saga into a worldwide phenomenon. And now, the book that everyone has been waiting for--- Breaking Dawn, the final book in the #1 bestselling Twilight Saga, will take your breath away.

A lot of people don't like this book in the saga, but I'm not one of them.  I don't love the book, but I don't hate it! There are a few things that I love about it, like the wedding, reading how nervous Bella was before the wedding and about falling.  I love reading how Charlie was at the wedding.

I love the honeymoon, definatly the honeymoon. "Feathers" That's all I'm going to say! I love that she gets preggers as well.  I love the name they pick for the baby/vamp.  Renesmee is beautiful.  I love so many things about this one.

Great Characters, very well developed.  The Denali's and Garrett are the characters that I love that came into this saga in this book.  ( yes the Denali's are mentioned in other books, but this is the first book where you really get to meet the characters  themselves.)

I also love Bella as a vampire and no matter what they go through Edward's and Bella's love overcomes it all.

I do hate that Jake imprints on a baby, that to me is a little much.  But I do understand it a bit, even though its a little weird.  ( hates a very strong word really more like really dislike. )

I really do hate the Volturi in this book, but who doesn't hat the bad guy right?

Without giving away anymore of the book, the characters are great, its well written, the story line is fabulous.  I love this book!!!

That's why I give Breaking Dawn a....

Plot: 15/20 
Creativity: 19/20
Writing: 20/20
Characters: 20/20
Ending: 10/10
Cover: 10/10

93 out of 100 = 5 Puppy Rating

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