Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How You Do What You Do by Violet Patterson

Today we have author Violet Patterson with us to share How she does what she does and what's on her bookshelf.  So I hope you enjoy! 

How You Do What You Do or What's On Your Bookshelf 

I used to say that I read a little bit of everything and for a large part of my life it was a true statement.  Now, not so much.  Over the years I’ve begun to weed out genres that no longer interest me and authors who disappoint me.  I also have this tendency to read more than one book at a time plus an audio book for my commute to work.  Right now I am reading the last Sookie Stackhouse because I could not put it off any longer, I have to read the train wreck that ended the series that got me hooked on this genre so long ago.  I’m listening to ICED by Karen Marie Moning who I just love.  The Fever series was fantastic in my opinion and I own all of them.  I’m also reading some Steampunk anthologies just to mix it up a bit.

The library is my friend so I have to admit that I don’t own many physical books anymore (though someday I am going to have a massive library all to myself).  I’ve moved a lot over the last few years including a huge trip to Seattle (and unfortunately back to Ohio) and during that time I’ve weeded out a lot of my physical collection but I just cannot get rid of these last few dozen.   So, some of my staples include CATCHER IN THE RYE, THE FOUNTAINHEAD, HARRY POTTER (all seven), GONE WITH THE WIND, and some true classics (as in THE ODYSSEY).   Fortunately, I have a tablet and a smart phone with the Kindle and Nook apps so I am not doing without.    My Kindle library contains a plethora of indie books that I’ve collected over the last few years and I’m still working through a lot of them.  Some of my favorites are by Tammie Clarke Gibbs, Barbara Ivie, and SJ Byrne if you are curious!

I’ve loved to read for as long as I’ve known how.  I don’t see that ever fading away

Violet Patterson was born in northwestern Ohio and spent her childhood forcing her younger brother and sister to put on plays she penned about Care Bears and Smurfs. From there, she moved on to children's stories - unfortunately works like "Adventures of Super Cookie" were never released to the masses. Ms. Patterson graduated from Miami University with a degree in psychology and minor in criminology. After several years in the professional world, she stopped brainstorming and started writing again. "Ryder on the Storm - Emerald Seer #1" is Ms. Patterson's debut novel. The sequel, “Light My Fire” was released in December 2011. The sole Emerald Seer novella, “Whiskey, Mystics, and Men” was released the following spring and by mid 2013 the series was completed with “Love Her Madly” and “End of the Night.” Violet Patterson resides in Ohio where her two children keep her active and entertained. For more on the Emerald Seer Series, visit Ms. Patterson's blog at and folllow on twitter @booksbyviolet

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