Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Bloggers New Years Challenge: Day 2

So day two, today we have to share our Pro's and Con's list of blogging.  This shouldn't be too hard so let's get this going. 


  • I enjoy blogging and sharing my love of reading with everyone
  • I enjoy talking about the books I love, where else can I just talk about a book all that I want too and no one is going to tell me to shut up. 
  • I get to read books before others in the public do.
  • I get to know other bookish people. (Love this one, I've meet some amazing people due to blogging.) 
  • Bookish Events


  • Pressure...Pressure...Pressure 
  • Drama 
  • The dreaded TBR pile never goes down, it just grows and grows no matter how many books you read. 
  • It's a lot of work and you always feel like it's not good enough 
  • Can make reading a chore.  Happened to me this year, but I have a way, I hope, to change that this year. 

So there you have it, my pros and cons list of Blogging.  What is your list?

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