Thursday, August 20, 2015

15 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

As I stated earlier, I really want to get back to blogging every day and since my kids are back in school, (totally doing my happy dance,) I think it's time to get back into that routine. With that being said, I'm signed up for this 15 day blog challenge to get me back in the swing of things.  Now this isn't a book challenge, this is a blogging challenge.  Really think that's the reason I wanted to sign up for it. For more information about this challenge, CLICK HERE.

Day 1 – Setting yourself up for daily success

 Today I'm supposed to post about my daily plan that I use to get up and get moving.  So what I'm going to do, is tell you what I normally do and what I'm going to do to change it up a bit.  

My Normal Morning

  • Wake up, stretch, and get out of bed
  • Go wash my face
  • Get my kids up and ready to go 
  • Eat something fast and easy 
  • Check my email and Facebook really quick
  • Head out to work

Not really a great way to start my day, so now let's talk about what I'm planning on changing.

New Plan

  • Get up, stretch, and make my bed
  • Wash my face
  • Go make something for breakfast for my kids and myself 
  • Get kids dressed to head off to school and walk them out to the bus
  • Sit down at my desk and look at my to do list for the day
  • Go over that list and add or take away things that can be done at a later time
  • Check my Facebook for 10 Minutes 
  • Check and go through Email for 15 Minutes 
  • Write up today's blog posts for Ali's Bookshelf and my Business Blog 
  • Get my stuff ready for work, along with my to do lists for the day
  • Then head off to work

Going to start this new plan tomorrow and see how it works out.  Might have to tweek it a bit, but we shall see.  I have an hour and a half after the kids head off to school before I have to leave for work, so that should be enough time to get dressed and post at least one blog post for the day.  My Business blog post might have to be put off till I get to the office, but we shall see tomorrow and I'll let you know how it works out. 


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