Monday, August 31, 2015

Bringing it All Back to that One Thing

Alright I know I know, I've skipped a few days, mainly due to the weekends.  I don't blog on the weekends anymore.  Would rather spend that time with my family, so I'm getting caught back up today.  Also I really want to mention that this challenge isn't just on the dates listed above in the graphic, this is a challenge that can be joined anytime of the year.  For more information about this challenge...CLICK HERE

Day 7 Challenge: What one thing will you focus on in 2015?

Ever wondered why you don't achieve as much as you want to? Are you spreading yourself too thin? Distracted by too many ideas?
Ever considered just ONE singular focus? 

Honestly, I hadn't thought of that at all, with how busy my life gets with family, blogging, reading and work it gets a bit crazy from time to time.  Hard to just focus on one thing, but I'm willing to try it. 

So, my one thing is to be more organized with this blog, my business and my life. I honestly think if I do this then I will have more free time opened up to spend more time with my family. This isn't something I can do overnight though of course.  It will take some time, but I think if I take each small item and then after awhile it wont be so hard to stay organized.  

That is the plan, what is the one thing you want to work on for the rest of 2015? 


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