Thursday, June 6, 2013

Author Interview: Author Andrew Leiter

So today I have something amazing to share with you.  This author is Andrew Leiter, who through his amazing mind has wrote a serialized novel.  That's right, a novel that comes out in several weekly editions.  Today he has agreed to answer some questions for us.  Enjoy!!! You will also find out more information about the author and the book. 

Can you tell us something interesting about your writing process?

When I get an idea for a story, I usually start with the characters first.  I develop the main character first starting with his/her personality.  Once I know who the main character is I begin developing his friends, acquaintances, and  enemies.  Once I have a main villain in mind, I figure out what the goal of the villain is.  Once I have the goal of the villain, I found how that contrasts from the goal of the hero.  Once I know the goal of the hero, I figure out ways the villain will through a monkey wrench into his/her plans.  With all these things in place I usually come up with a rough outline of the beginning, middle, and end.  When I start writing, I let the personalities and passions of the characters dictate the actions and reactions of the characters to certain dilemmas leading the characters to the goal I want them to achieve.

Who is your favorite character (that you've written)?

That is an easy question.  Andrew Webbur from the Chameleon Chronicles Weekly.  He is a teenage boy who is an adventurer and hero.  Andrew learns he has the power to change the texture and uses the magic ability often.  Andrew is headstrong and is quick to jump to someones aid or solve a mystery.  He often leaps into a situation without thinking and then has to figure a way out or suffer the consequences of his rash actions.

Another reason I like Andrew Webbur is because he doesn't know how to deal with girls romantically.  He is shy and doesn't always make the best decisions when it comes with dealing with his feelings.  When dating or in a relationship, he has a tenancy to make his girlfriend mad or angry with him for the choices he makes.

Is there anything you are working on now?

Yes, I am working on The Chameleon Chronicles Weekly.

The Chameleon Chronicles Weekly is a science fiction/fantasy adventure story.  Think Saved by the Bell meets Heroes.  A stalker begins leaving "I know who you are notes" for my main character, Andrew Webbur, and his friends.  Shortly after, Andrew learns he has the magical ability to change the texture of his skin.  He is forced into a quest to find a device called a "Time Emerald" before an evil emperor wizard who has plans to rule the Earth.

The Chameleon Chronicles Weekly will be released every Tuesday beginning 05/28/13 with Issue 01 on Kindle and Nook.  Each Issue will feature a sketch card cover drawn by the special guest artist of the week.  A print version collecting Issues 01 thru 06 will be released on July 2nd.

Here is a breakdown of the release schedule for the next few weeks...
05/28/13  Issue 01 - Featuring special guest artist Chris Foreman
06/04/13  Issue 02 - Featuring special guest artist Jennifer Creech
06/11/13  Issue 03 - Featuring special guest artist Jaiver Cruz Winnik
06/18/13  Issue 04 - Featuring special guest artist Sal Galindo
06/25/13  Issue 05 - Featuring special guest artist J. Linares
07/02/13  Issue 06 - Featuring special guest artist Francois Chartier
07/02/13  The Chameleon Chronicles Weekly Volume 01 - Collecting Issue 1 thru 6. 

Who is the target audience of for your serialized novel?

My target audience is teens and adults who like magic, mystery, heroes, and romance.  If you like Saved by the Bell, Wizards of Waverly Place, Heroes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Stargate, Percy Jackson, Dawson's Creek, Smallville, or Arrow then you will probably like  The Chameleon Chronicles.

Where did the idea for your book come from?

Back in my warehousing days when I was working on some mundane task, my bored mind began to wonder.  A question entered my mind.  “What if I could change the texture of my skin?”  Thus, the idea that sparked The Chameleon Chronicles was born.

Do you listen to music to music while you write, or do you prefer quiet?

Definitely listen to music.  I try to listen to music to fit the mood of the character or the scene I am writing.  Music can be very inspiring to me.  If the character is sad, I listen to sad music.  If I am writing a romantic scene, I listen to love songs.  If a character  is in a fight scene, I listen to dance/fast beat music.


Drink – Water
Food – Pizza
Movie – Avengers
TV Show – Arrow
Book – Eragon,
Late Night Snack -  White Cheddar Cheezits
Writing Tools – Laptop
Sport – Football
Vacation Destination – Disney World
Music – Effiel 65
Place to Read – Everywhere
Place to Write – On my laptop
Way to Relax – Watching my favorite movies or television shows eating pizza or hiking with my walking stick

 Drew Leiter grew up in Milford, Indiana, where the stories of his imagination were legend in his neighborhood. He could often be found battling deadly foes, saving a beautiful princess with a sword, or flying dangerous missions over enemy lines.
    When he was in second grade, Drew discovered he had a natural talent for writing.  He would write and illustrate stories, which he would read to his second grade class.  His love of writing followed him into adulthood.

     At present, Drew resides in Indianapolis with his wife and four boys.  Besides spending time writing, Drew loves hiking, reading, watching his boys play sports,and just spending time with his family.  He also loves listening to music and viewing his favorite movies and television shows, which usually inspire him to keep writing.

Andrew Webbur's journey of Fate begins when he is confronted by his long time nemesis, Jason Vanzant. Jason accuses Andrew of stealing his girlfriend and confronts him with violent repercussions. Mr. Spieker, the principal of Calumet Bay High, also seems to be on the warpath with Andrew in his sights. Neither Mr. Spieker nor Jason Vanzant compare to the butterflies in Andrew's stomach, as he wrestles with his feelings for Bethany Mogg. As if Andrew didn't have enough problems, he begins receiving mysterious; "I know who you are" messages. The mysterious stalker seems to know about Andrew's secret abilities. To save the future, Andrew and his friends must discover, "Who is Stalking Andrew?"


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