Tuesday, August 25, 2015

15 Day Freedom Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Today is already day five of this fantastic challenge, I can't believe it.  We are talking about letting go of habits and or people that don't serve you.  Yeah that did sound harsh, but there is a reason.  We don't want those people around who are so negative or the ones that tell you that you can't do what it is that you want to do.  

I do have a few people that do just that, no I'm not going to sit here and name them.  But I plan on having that little chat with each one of them and see if maybe we can fix these things.  

People that I want to keep: 

  • Family
  • Clients (With boundaries) 
  • Fiance 

I'm also going to cut some of the blogs that I have on my reading list.  Some of them are turning out very negative and I'm not having a good time reading them.  So that's another thing I'm going to be cutting. 
Habits I want to Change

  • Going to be even more organized 
  • Going to do a 20 minute on a task and 10 minute break technique.  Think I need to work on focus.  
  • Going to start blogging every morning as soon as my kids get on the bus, instead of going back to bed and forgetting about the blog posts. 

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