Friday, July 21, 2017

BookTube-A-Thon TBR

So BookTube-A-Thon starts next week and I'm super excited to participate again. Even though I'll be traveling one of the days, I still want to get some reading finished throughout the whole thing. So one of my books will be an audio book (Of course lol). I'm also going to try to get through the reading challenges just not sure that will happen, but hey it's a goal right? Anyway, it's time to show the books I plan to read. 

Let's talk about the reading challenges first! 

  • 1. Read a Book with a Person on the cover. 
For this challenge I chose the book that I'm adding to my Sittin on the Shelf Challenge for next month.  Which clearly has a person on the cover!

  • 2. Read a Hyped Book 
For this one, I had to think about it for a few minutes. I have so many books to read that would work for this one, but in the end I chose one that I had heard so much about when it came out and I have been dying to start it.

  • 3. Finish a Book in One Day
For this challenge I'm going to do this one for my audio book and the day I'll be traveling. It's also a hyped book lol.

  • 4. Read a Book About a Character Whose Really Different Than You
Since again, I'll be traveling on Tuesday, I'm going to add another audio book to this list since The Lightning Thief isn't that long.  I have a sixteen hour drive that day so the this challenge will cover the second book.

  • 5. Finish A Book Completely Outside 
For this book I'm hoping I'll be home and can finish this on my front porch. It's only 104 pages so it won't be too bad!


  •  6. Finish a Book You Bought Because of the Cover
I don't usually buy books just because of the cover, but this book was one that I bought at #RAGT2017 and I loved the cover and of course the author. So I guess it counts right?


  • 7. Finish 7 Books in 7 Days 
Not sure I can finish all 7, but like I said I'm going to try really hard. The last book is a really short one and even the author called them Netflix books lol. I've already finished the first and I think it's time to read the second.


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