Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chit Chat!!! #1

Chit Chat!!!

This is going to be a new post for me, a discussion/topic post called Chit Chat!  This will be posted every week or at least twice a month.  This weeks topic is:   

A New Plan: Being a Nice Book Blogger.  

You may ask what does this mean? Ali is a nice blogger already, right? Well its my plan on being more social and getting to know more book bloggers.  I love all the book blogger friends I've made so far and would love to make some more so lets get down to business.

What does it mean to be "A Nice Book Blogger"?

Well in the world of book blogging you really have to be social or at least get to know some other book bloggers, comment on other blogs and use some kind of social networking. 

But after reading one of my blogger friends blog, I have a new plan of action.  (check out the blog post that inspired this post here) 

My New Plan is as follows: 

  • First off I am going to start hitting that share button and like button as much as I can on other blogs I read. (hitting that share button means a lot to bloggers and takes no time at all to do.) 
  • I'm going to start visiting at least one to two blogs I dont know a day and comment. 
  • If I like that blog that I comment on, I will follow that blog. If I really like the blogger and the style of the blog then I will follow that blog.  
  • Every time someone leaves me a comment on my blog, I will reply back and then go check out their blog and comment as well.  It's only fair!!! 
  • If I loved a review I found I will feature that blog on my weekly recap post on Mondays!   

So what do you think of my new plan? Is there anything else I could do to be a nice blogger?? What do you do??

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