Monday, June 18, 2012

My Mission: Supernova chapter 3!

*Spoiler Alert and Warning: These posts are going to contain quotes from the book and if you haven't read or aren't reading along right now, I suggest you not read any further.  If you do you are reading at your own risk.  Fair Warning, plus there is some language in this post so it's not for the youngins!!*

So lets discuss chapters 3? I must say right off the bad OMG!!!

Let's start with Chapter 3... What did you all think of this chapter? Were you surprised by anything? Did you want to rip anyone's head off? Because I know I defiantly did.

I really enjoyed chapter 3 mainly because we get to hear more funny things from Gabe and of course we get to meet a new character in this chapter.  I must say right now! WOW, C.L. Parker where in the world can I get me a Dominic? Seriously I want to know because the way I'm picturing this man is delicious!

The man was tall with thick, black hair that was cut neatly and looked soft to touch. Tanned skin was covered by some sort of tribal tattoo that peeked from under the collar of his black T-shirt and extended up the length of his neck to lick at his hairline. Chapter 3

Like I said Delicious! I love how she looks him up and down, I mean who wouldn't right? I know I would have. lol!

Will the Real Jackson Please Stand Up? Oops he already did in this chapter.  I seriously wanted to beat his ass in this chapter.  I mean come on he calls Kerrigan's grandmothers house a dump! I wanted to rip his face off right then and there. After what he pulled with not asking him to marry her and just telling everyone they were engaged, then calling a place Kerrigan loves a dump, he's definatly an ass wipe!!!

 Seriously, who does he think he is.  It's like he thinks hes gods gift to women and he's totally not. I wanted to throw him off one of the porch balcony's I was so angry reading this part.

Alright, lets back it down and bit and talk about something happier like Gabe!!! I love his replys to things in this chapter.

"Pronounced, jack-n-off," Gabe enunciated, earning a death glare from Jackson." Chapter 

 Isn't that awesome? I was dying laughing every time he says that.  He is defiantly the perfect comic relief in this story and I just want to hug him. 

I also really loved how Kerrigan finally stands up for herself in this chapter as well.  I was so freaking screaming and fist pumping the air when she did this.

"No, Jackie," she slurred his name venomously, knowing he hated it when people called him that. "I do not expect you to live here! I never had any intention of you living here with me! I never had any intention of marry you, having your children, sharing my inheritance with you...non of that! How stupid do you have to be to honestly believe I would marry you when we've never even said we love each other!?"

I could so picture her in my head telling him this.  It was perfection!!!

"Assrrrgh!" Kerriagan screamed at Jackson's audacity. "It's over, Jackson! Get the hell out of my house! I can't even stand to look at you anymore! And for God's sake, eat a Tic Tac!"

I was dying laughing at the last line of that part! He's such an idiot!  But of course being the Jackass he is he steps over the line even more and puts his grubby hands on her. Um that right there is defiantly a No No!!!

Then of course after she is rescued by the amazing Dominic her daddy dearest walks in and uh oh Jackie boy is in trouble now!

"Out!" He screamed at Jackson, pointing toward the front door. "You find your own damn way back to Chicago! and you can bet your sweet ass that I'll be making a call to the bank's president frist thing in the morning to make sure he's aware of how you manipulated one of their major clients!"

I love Gabe's reply to this part and I was saying the same thing.  You tell him!!!

Alright I don't want to give away anymore than I have, but I loved this chapter!!! So what did you all think? How did you feel reading chapter 3 and how Jackson treated Kerrigan?

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