Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blog Tour: Guest Post with Andrea Heltsley

Today, I have a great author here with me to share a guest post with you, 20 facts about Andrea Heltsley!!!

Twenty facts about Andrea Heltsley
Author of Dissolve

1. I am a huge dog lover.  I love my two Italian Greyhounds.
2. I hate germs...they gross me out.
3. I hate being cold more than anything else in the world.
4. Even though I don't spend a lot of time with my family and friends, I still love them all.
5. I love television!!!!!!! But I HATE reality television!!!!!!! Not a fan of Survivor.  Revenge on the other hand…I love it.
6. I am super clumsy...I trip up stairs and spill things A LOT.
7. I love to shop...and online shopping is awesome.
8. I have been married for nine years and we met in Florida on a business was instant...we were married five months later.
9. I wish I lived in Florida…or on a tropical island.
10. Red is my favorite color and I hate the color green.
11. I hate cleaning and undomestic of me....
12. I LOVE to read...mainly witch/vampire/werewolf/fantasy type stuff.
13. I have an impressive art collection...lots of Anatole Krasnyansky and Thomas Kinkade.
14. My favorite author is Kim Harrison or Kelly Armstrong…it is a tie.
15. Red is my favorite color and I hate the color green.
16. I LOVE Kate Spade...her purses are fabulous.
17. When I write, I only work on one book at a time.
18. I always write to music and smelly candles.
19. I am a digital goddess.  I own everything digital that a good techie would.
20. I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Biology.

So what do you think?? Did you already know these things about this author? 

I love getting to know authors and this is a great way to do just that!!!

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