Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Guardian's Wildchild Blog Tour: Guest Post

I'm so excited to tell you all about this amazing book, but first I have a guest post from this very talented author.  

What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

Reading a book should be a journey of anticipation and discovery.  The story needs to take you to a place you’ve never been.  It needs to blur the edges of your responsibilities and worries.  It needs to be a salve to your life’s wounds.  It should tickle your imagination and flex your own story telling gifts that every soul possesses. The characters should be unforgettable.
The Guardian’s Wildchild is such a story.  Like a carefully crafted campfire, it catches fire gradually, building to an unexpected blaze.  In the background are the benevolent Guardians. Through their visions you will finally know the human race was powerful as a god.

The heroine, Sidney Davenport, is a Guardian known among her people as Wild Child. Though having mystical powers, she has unique challenges.  She detests rules.  Her difficulties are magnified when she becomes a prisoner of a rulebook toting naval captain, Sam Waterhouse.
Captain Waterhouse is being cruelly manipulated by his superior, Admiral Garland.  Sam’s disciplined life begins to unravel when paranormal events test his devotion to the military code. In his hope to get his life back at any cost, he’s ready to sacrifice his integrity.

Admiral Garland’s paranoia is at a critical level. He’s been charmed by a dark force, Madame.  She’s discovered crystals have the potential to make her powerful as a god. Madness is about to descend upon the earth.

Alone, Sidney and Sam are adrift, bound for a dark future.  Combining forces, in spite of their fierce differences, they see the possibility of stopping Madame. They may even survive Madame’s lethal kiss.  The challenge is to surrender what they value.

The Guardian’s Wildchild characters have been fashioned expertly to live in the reader’s world.  If you are strong enough to put the book down, Sidney and Sam will not give you rest until you resume the read.  You’ll be seated with the mystical Guardian Elders travelling to the planet’s dark future.  You’ll feel the madness of Madame’s insanity and hope she is a fictional character.
The reader will experience a roller coaster of emotions.  The touching romantic moments are in contrast to the cutting blade of fear and death aboard the US Nonnah.  The reader will become immersed in the pain of loss, the joy of love, right up to the epilogue’s final paragraph.
And, you’ll wonder if you possess Guardian powers.  What if  ….

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