Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chapter 1 and 2 of Supernova!!!

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 review!!!

Alright its time to chat about chapter one and two with you all.  I hope you all have either read Supernova or are reading with me, if not what are you waiting for? 

So anyway, lets talk chapter 1, shall we?  What did you all think about the characters introduction in this story.  I must say I loved it! I love the dreams and I am in love with Gabe!!!  I really wish I had a friend like him.  

The dreams that  Kerrigan had in the beginning about her grandmother and the ravens was so fascinating and I really can't wait to read more about the connection between her and her grandmother!  I'm also dying to understand about the man her grandmother was talking about and the light.  Very excited!!!

By chapter 2 I was so intrigued by the dream and what her grandmother was trying to tell her that I couldn't wait to read more of the story.  Chapter 2 though I wanted to scream at Kerrigan to punch her boyfriend.  Seriously I like Gabe's idea of what to do to him.  

I have always loved the way C.L. Parker writes and tells her stories, but this one has me totally engrossed in the pages!  I can't wait to read the chapters tonight so I can share more about this book with all of you.  

Also remember you can ask C.L. Parker anything in your comments below.  She has agreed to answer your questions.  YAY! I already have one for her today and I can't wait to read her answer. 

Where did your idea for Gabe come from? I love his character so much and always wanted to know where he came from.  Do you have a picture of what he would really look like in real life?

So what did you all think of chapters 1 and 2?

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