Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Blogger Challenge: Day 3

So today we are supposed to share our most memorable school memory and I have a few that I thought of right away to share with all of you, but then I got to thinking, the challenge was to share something memorable, so here we go...

I was a senior in High School and was also a teachers assistant.  Well as some of you know I have suffered from seizures pretty much my whole life.  When I got older they went away and came back every so often, well I was sitting gradding papers this one day and like I said I was a senior and what I didn't tell you was the teacher was a freshmen English teacher.  But anyway, I was sitting there looking out the window and grading papers, when all of the sudden I got my warning sign that one was coming on and all of the sudden I was down for the count.  Hit my head on a hard floor and everything.  

But the best part was when I came to, all these little freshmen were there staring at me surrounding me freaking out.  I got to leave for the day of course and went home.  But after that when I came back in the next day, they all told me that they thought I had died in front of them and were still flipping out.  

Then of course one of the little freshmen boys tried to follow me every where and wanted to carry my books for me to each class.  It was super sweet but for a senior to have a little freshmen lackey might work for guys but it didn't work for me.  It took me about two months before he finally got the hint that I was fine and didn't need any help. 

Funny thing is he still remembers that day to this day as well.  I saw him a few weeks ago and he mentioned the story as well.  

So there you have it, one of my most memorable memories from my school days. 

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