Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In A Handful of Dust Survival Pack

In A Handful of Dust Survival Pack

Today I got to watch Tea Time over at Epic Reads and for once I was on time and actually got to watch it live.  I was super excited.  Well they challenged us to post a blog post about What we would take with us if we had to make the 2,500 + mile hike that they do in the book, In A Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis.  I was super excited about doing this so here is my list of things and explanation. 

In the bag: 

First Aid kit (Fully stocked) 
Hoodie (Tied around waist)
Water bottles (2)
Fish hooks
Dyer lint
Comfy shoes (On feet)
Bow and Arrows (in hands)

Everything fits in the bag, but the bow, it would have to be carried, but highly useful when looking for food.  So it's a must when trying to survive. My shoes are a must as well, they are the most comfy shoes I have ever worn. The backpack itself is helpful, it has paracord on it and that is something you would need to tie things up or do a number of things with.  

I would pack two water bottles, you can always collect water, if you found any in those bottles after you finish them off the first time.  There are plants you could get water out of.  Now to explain the dryer lint.  It's for the fire, dyer lint dipped in wax is a great thing to have to start a fire.  (There is wax sticks in the first aid kit.)

Now for the first Aid kit, there are several things in it. 

So there we go, what all would you take with you? 

You should go over and check out the amazing graphic for this fantastic book over at Epic Reads. 

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