Friday, September 16, 2011

My Fridays Five!

Alright this will be my first Fridays Five.  This is a really hard post too select only 5 of my favorite books seriously hard.  But here we go...

This Meme was started by Stephs Stacks. and I thought I would give it a try.  

1. Twilight Saga: This one I couldn't just pick one of the books because I love them all.  So I picked the whole saga as one book lol.  The love story in these books is what keeps me reading them over and over.  I love the forbidden type of love and can't get enough of it.  And its Vampires lol

2. Romeo and Juliet: I love this story, another forbidden love story.  And Oh my the way its written makes me swoon, not to mention Romeo lol

3. Mocked by Faith by Michele Richard - I love this book so much, it was my first review on here as well.  Please check this book out.  I love how the characters trap you inside the story and don't let you out till the end.  I can't wait till Michele's next book comes out, I am eagerly waiting lol

4. Alright I know this is another series of books but I can't help it I love all of them and simply can't pick just one lol.  I mean come on who doesn't love hot vampires lol

5. I love every book by this amazing author but this is the first one I ever read.  I love fantasy books and this is one of my favs.  These books pull you in and you live the life of a magician, princess, prince or even an elf.  I love every word and couldn't put these books down.

So there is my Friday Five....What are your five???


WTF Are You Reading? said...

I vote for Steele Corset!!!!!!! I have that one in my TBR pile tooo! Reading "The Night Circus" It rocks!

Rev. Kim Justice said...

I vote for Steele Corset as well!!

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