Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blog Tour: Rebel Princess by Anne M. Strick Excerpt

Its time to get a glimpse into this great book! Below is an excerpt for you all to read and enjoy. 

Last night she’d had the dream again. The dream she hated and loved. She smelled the sea brine and the sharp pines that rose beyond the dunes, saw the tide-pool anemones open and close about their viscous centers. She felt the heat move from her soles up through her calves to her thighs and pelvis and the small of her back from the sun baked sand; felt the melting begin. Her nipples tightened. She heard the waves slide and suck, in and out, insinuating, hypnotic. And as shockingly as always the green-eyed, gypsy-faced stranger burst – jogging, grinning with knowing primal energy – through the tall grass at the top of the rise. And as always, that energy struck her like a blow: sudden, deep, forever. Jason. Jason Archer.
Davena, waking slowly in the huge four poster, ran her hand through her curtain of sun-tipped chestnut hair in irritation. Merde. It was the Dom Perignon. Whenever she’d drunk too much, as she had the evening before, she had the damn dream. And awoke in heat – for a man from whom she’d been divorced six years. And despite having been thoroughly laid by Bram last night. Humiliating. She rolled over and buried her head beneath the pillow, hiding from the familiar soul-pain, denying it - – and then with a shake of her disheveled mane sat abruptly up. The clock next to her bed read six am – the alarm, set for five-thirty, had somehow failed. Or, webbed in her dream, she’d slept through it.

So what do you think? Next post for today will be posted a bit later, its my Review of this great book.

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