Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mini Me Corner Review: How Does Sleep Come by Jeanne C. Blackmore

Mini Me Corner reviews are a place where I get to share my love of reading with my daughter Samantha.  Each review is wrote up by her and myself.  For this review we added my son as well seeing as he read it with us.  

 Mini Me Corner Review: How Does Sleep Come by Jeanne C. Blackmore 

So this review is going to be a bit different from what we usually do here at Mini Me Corner, seeing as I read this book with both my kids, we are going to make it one review together, not three separate reactions.  So, here we go.

With poetic prose and soothing rhythm, Blackmore has created the perfect sleepy-time tale. Full color.


So let's talk this great little story.  First off I want to say a huge thanks to Sourcebooks for letting us read and review this great book.  Second, I have to say how much I loved this story as a mom.  My kids loved me reading it to them so much that they wanted me to read it over and over.  I think the first night we read it over five times before they finally stopped begging me to read it, only because they finally gave in and fell asleep.  That's how much they loved this book.  

I enjoyed the poetry and with these kinds of books that is the one thing I always enjoy the most.  My kids said they loved the pictures and that their favorite part was the boats.  I love how much they loved this book.  I have read it every night to them since we got it.  How Does Sleep Come? is the one they ask for first.  That just shows me how great this book is and its the reason we are giving it the rating we are going to give it.  

But before we get to the rating I want to talk about the illustrations as well, they are beautiful pieces of art.  They are so fitting for this story and even I enjoy looking at them.  Elizabeth Sayles did an amazing job with these images and I would love to look at any book she did the art work for.  

We can't wait to read more books by Jeanne C. Blackmore and we hope there are a lot more to come in the future.  


Thanks again to Sourcebooks for letting us read and review this great book! 

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