Tuesday, December 22, 2015

7 Day Holiday Blogging Challenge: Day 4

It's day four of this great challenge and I'm super excited about today's topic. Again the 7 Day Holiday Blogging Challenge is being hosted by the wonderful Parajunkee.  To learn more about this challenge, CLICK HERE.

I skipped day three mainly because I don't have any pictures of Holiday moments.  Most of our family pictures were burnt in a house fire last year, but this year we will be making new memories and taking new pictures.  I might after Christmas come back and write up the post to make up for missing it. 

Today's Topic is: Holiday Favorite Recipe

Now this should be fun, I'm doing most of the cooking this year, due to my mom breaking her ankle in three places and having to have surgery.  So I'm super excited to share this with you. 

I love making cookies and candies during Christmas, so I'm going to share one of my favorite pie recipes. 

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie


1 Gram cracker pie crust
1 small jar of peanut butter (creamy) 
2 boxes of vanilla pudding 
1 cup of powdered sugar 
1 tub of Cool Whip

1.  Mix the pudding like it explains on the box.  
2.  In a small bowl mix two large spoon fulls of peanut butter and the powdered sugar, until it looks like a crumble topping. 
3.  In the bottom of the pie crust, add some of the peanut butter crumbles. 
4. Once the pudding is finished in the fridge, pour it into the pie crust and on top of the crumbles.
5. After the pudding is in the crust up to the edge, add more of the crumbles on top, but not all of         them.  
6. On top of the pudding and the crumbles, add the tub of Cool Whip to your liking. 
7. After the Cool Whip is on there, add the rest of the crumbles.  

Extra Tip: Sometimes I add some chocolate shavings to the top or peanut butter cups to the top.   


I'll make sure I add a picture of the pie after Christmas. That way you can see what it looks like.  



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