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Review: Changes of the Heart by Michele Richard (Life is More Than Candy Hearts)

Review: Changes of the Heart by Michele Richard

IN A GLANCE: Even thought Changes of the Heart is a short story, this one blew me away. With very realistic main characters and a very creative plot, Changes of the Heart is a fantastic Romance for the Romance lovers.

Title: Changes of the Heart (Life is More Than Candy Hearts)
Author: Michele Richard
Publisher: Renaissance Romance Publishing
Format: Ebook
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When you're left with nothing at all, all you have left is to rebuild. Can losing everything bring two people together to make a new family?

Gabe Lost his family on 9/11 and himself in the process. Juliette was left homeless with a small child after the child's father abandoned them.

Will an icy collision bring these two to a happily ever after or are they too broken?


Michele Richard is an amazing author who even when writing a short story can bring her readers realistic characters we all fall in love with.  Characters that are so well developed you feel as if you have known them for years.

Changes of the Heart is a compelling story that will have you all wrapped up in the characters lives. In this touching story you get to meet Juliette and learn all about her rough life.  Then after some crazy circumstances she ends up in a field stuck in her car with her son in the snow.  Lucky for her and her son the owner of the land she crashed on, is someone that takes her in till the snow settles down.  Even though he is snarky about it every chance he gets. 

Juliette does end up falling in love in this story, but she falls for a man who himself has a lot of demons to get through.  I loved reading how she could get to him and get under his skin.  I loved reading this story, its very creative (loved the candy hearts jar idea) and well thought out! It's a perfect ending to a amazing book!


A great romantic story for anyone who believes in second changes at love!

My Rating: 

Plot: 20/20
Characters: 20/20
Writing: 20/20
Creativity: 20/20
Ending: 10/10
Cover: 9/10

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