Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ali Talks: Lending Your Books

Today we are going to be chatting about lending your books to other people and I'm pretty sure I've had this discussion so many times on the reason I no longer share my books with others, but I would love to see other bloggers/readers take on the subject. So let's chat! 

To answer this question I will have to say no I do not lend my books out to other people, mostly, I will let my Mom borrow my books mainly because she is a book reviewer herself and she knows how to treat my books. Now in the past I have let people borrow my books and they've come back torn, written in and even colored on. So after that I stopped letting anyone borrow my books. Put it this way, it even took me awhile to let my own mom borrow my books. 

I'm very picky about my books and can't stand them to even be bent a little, so letting people borrow them even for a week is really hard for me and honestly it would cause me so much stress worrying about my book that I just don't even do it.  I know this is a bit harsh seeing as I do have a lot of books, but my take on that is you know I spend a lot of time and energy to afford those books and if I let someone read it and they destroy it or don't return it then how is that going to make me feel. It's going to suck, so even though I've gotten told I'm stingy for not sharing them, I just don't put myself through all that anymore. 

My question today is how do you feel about lending your books out? Do you lend yours out and if you do have they ever come back damaged?  

I would love to know if I'm the only one that doesn't share my books. Hope you all have a great day and as always...

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