Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mini Bloggiesta 2015: Back to the Basic's Finish Line

YAY! Another Bloggiesta complete and I actually got everything on my list finished.  I'm going to keep working on other things though.  There is always something else to work on.  Really want to log some of my books. That will take me a long time to actually get finished with that one though.  Think I might take that one a shelf at a time.  

Here are the things I actually did finish this time: 

  • Write and schedule at least 5 reviews. (5 of the 5 complete)
  • Schedule two weeks worth of posts.  (2 weeks worth of meme's and discussion posts)
  • Clean up the slider and add new reviews to it
  • Participate in the twitter chat
  • Comment on some of the Bloggiesta participants blogs (Commented on 11 so far)
  • Create a page and link all of my meme's and special posts  (Decided not to do this, going to leave my page the way it is. It's already linked.  Might make a discussion page though.)
  • Update my Review Page (Added the 5 last reviews to the list)
  • Post a Book Tag 
  • Straighten up Sidebar 
  • Backup blog 

Like I said I'm going to work on a few other things so I'm not completely finished.  Hope everyone else had a great Bloggiesta!

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