Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ali Talks: Traits of a Fantasy Hero that I Admire

As you might know Ali Talks is a post I really enjoy posting here on the blog.  It's one where I can talk about many different topics varying from books, blogging, to every day stuff like bullet journaling.  Yep I said bullet journaling! It's a place where I can talk about pretty much anything I decide is important enough to talk about. Today we are talking Hero Traits!! 

So let's talk about my favorite hero traits, let's go with my top 5 hero traits to be more exact. 

1. I love when a hero can accept that they were wrong and actually say it out loud.  
2. Strong and Smart at the same time
3.One who will show up for a friend no matter what.
4. A Hero must be brave, even if death is a possibility.  That doesn't mean they aren't scared though.
5. One that will keep fighting for what they believe in.

That's only five of the traits that I admire the most.  What are some of the traits that you admire? I would love to hear from you.  Next week I plan on doing a post about my favorite Hero's and Villains.

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