Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bloggiesta: Day 3 Daily Update

So it's day three of Bloggiesta and I feel like I'm off to a good start, I knocked a few things off my list yesterday and now it's time to do the same today.  Below is my to do list for today and hopefully I can accomplish each thing.  As I go along throughout the day, I will mark each one off as I finish the task.  Also if there's a task that I don't finish the day before, it will be the first thing I work on the next day.
To learn more about Bloggiesta: CLICK HERE
To Do List 
  • Post a Daily update on how I'm doing throughout the week
  • Work on Upcoming Giveaway posts
  • Set up my post schedule for April and then add at least one personal post in there
  • Complete 1 mini challenge (Organizing ARCS)
  • Schedule 1 Week Worth of Posts
Super excited about the Twitter Chat tonight as well, I didn't like missing yesterday's, but real life can get in the way sometimes.  Anyway, there is my list for today, I better get started.

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