Friday, July 6, 2012

Fandom Fest 2012!!!

I was so excited when Stephen Zimmer asked me to be on the Literary track.  I was excited and nervous lol.  I had never been to a Con and I had defiantly never been on a panel before.  So I was a bit nervous once I actually got there and seen how huge it was.  But the best part is everyone made me feel right at home and my nerves just disappeared.  Fandom Fest was a blast, very on the go the whole time, but worth every single minute.  I got to meet so many new authors that I hadn't heard of and made so many new friends. 

I want to thank Stephen Zimmer for inviting me to Fandom Fest and to everyone else thanks for making my weekend one I will never forget.  Thanks for making me feel like Family!!!

Now lets actually get down to business of sharing pictures and everything lol.  I have made a few vids all about Fandom Fest; First time being a panelist,  the books I got signed, and the swag I got! I hope you enjoy them.  Then I also have some great pictures to show you as well!!!

Before I show you all of this, I want to give three bloggers a huge shout out!!! At Fandom Fest I got to meet Rachel and Carol from Bitten by Books!!! I was so excited to meet them both and had a blast chatting with them!!! ( wish I could have gotten a pic with Carol as well, but she was in a panel! :( but hopefully next time!!)

Bitten by Books is one of my favorite blogs that I follow and seriously fan girled Rachel lol.  I couldn't help it.  I want to thank Rachel for answering the one question I had for her!!! Your seriously a amazing person and blogger!!! 

Next I want to say hey to Alexx Mom Cat!!! I loved meeting you and chatting with you.  You are an amazing blogger and person as well. You were great to hang out with and I can't wait to work with you very soon!!!

If you haven't checked out either of these amazing blogs its a must!!! Trust me. Now lets check out a vid about Fandom Fest and being a first time Panelist!!!

Alright so that's what it was like to be a panelist! It was a blast and not as nerve wracking as I first thought.

(some pics of me on panels!!)

Panels were so much fun to be on, its a great way to get your opinion on the topics and be heard! I loved talking about Requesting reviews properly.  That is a big pet peeve of mine and it was fun to see how other bloggers opinions on the subject!

Now let's chat about the amazing authors I got to meet and chat with.  One being Angie Fox, Oh my I loved getting to meet her and chat with her about writing in one of her panels.  She is so nice and I am also now on her street team so look for some major pimpage here on the blog. 

I also got to meet Julie Kagawa as well and I was so excited to meet her as well.  I love her books and she signed my copy of The Immortal Rules. She was amazing in her Q and A and it was great hearing how she got started. 

Then I got to meet all my Favorite Seventh Star Press authors as well!! I was so excited to meet all of them and was pretty much passed right down the line to each of them lol.

They were a blast to hang out with and finally get to meet in person!!! Of course I had already met Stephen Zimmer and he was way to busy for pictures!!!  I got to meet so many amazing authors at Fandom Fest, here is a vid to show you some more...

Here is a few more pictures I got as well!!

I have so many to share its crazy!!! (More pics will be shared on my page on FB)  But I had a blast at Fandom Fest and still have one more vid to share with you if you want to watch.  It's all about all the swag I got to giveaway to all of you.  If you want to watch it is below!!!

Thanks everyone that was there at Fandom Fest for a great weekend.  And to all the amazing authors that were there, you all rock!!! :)

If you would like to see more pictures from my weekend at Fandom Fest, check out my album on Facebook..

Thanks so much for checking out this post, I know it was a lot lol.  But I must say one more time.  I had a blast at Fandom Fest and Thanks to everyone that made my weekend and my first time at a Con one that I will never forget!!!

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