Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mini Me Corner Review: Little Red's Riding's Hood

Min Me Corner is a post I created here on the blog, it's a place where I can showcase Children's books that I have read with my kids.  This week we have another great Scholastic book to share with you.  

When Little Red's Granny Putt Putt gets sick, the tiny moped scooter races over the river and through the dark woods to bring her a basket of get-well goodies. But when Little Red crosses paths with Tank, the biggest, loudest, meanest machine around, that no-good monster truck has plans of his own. Why, Granny, what big wheels you have! Why, Granny, what big headlights you have! Why, Granny, what a big hood you have! From the sparkplug, creative minds of Peter Stein and Chris Gall comes a full-throttle version of the classic LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD tale that will have everyone revving for more.

Little Red's Riding' Hood is one of the cutest retellings of Little Red Riding Hood that I have ever seen.   It's also one of the best I've seen geared toward little boys.  Usually all I see if the story being told and geared toward little girls.  I'm loving all the retellings that I've been saying lately and it's always great to get another take on a story we've all heard a thousand times. 

My son loved this book so much that I had to re-read it several times to him and the best thing about it is the words are easy enough for the younger children to understand and follow along.  But it's not so easy that they lose interest in the story itself. 

Next I want to mention the illustrations in this adorable little book, Chris Gall did an amazing job with the pictures that grabbed my son's attention so much that he likes to go back and just look at the pictures of Little Red out running Tank.  I loved all the colors!  Oh and I must talk for a second about this cover, when Scholastic sends me books I usually get a few in the box. When I opened this box, my son gravitated to this book and went digging for it.  As soon as it was in his hands, he begged me to read it to him.  That says a lot about the cover design.

All in all Little Red's Riding' Hood is a great book for that little boy you want to love books. 

Well my son says my rating system needs to go higher than 5 Puppies because this book is a 10 according to him.  So, you know what I'm about to say. 

I want to thank Scholastic Press for sending us this book for review and thank them for continuing to put out quality Children's books!

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