Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mission: Supernova Chapter 8!!!

*Spoiler Alert and Warning: These posts are going to contain quotes from the book and if you haven't read or aren't reading along right now, I suggest you not read any further.  If you do you are reading at your own risk.  Fair Warning, plus there is some language in this post so it's not for the youngins!!*

As most of you know I have been reading Supernova as my mission this month and posting a daily post (almost daily) on the chapters I've read... Today's chapter is 8!! 

I am loving this book, Supernova keeps me coming back for more and begging for Kerrigan and  Dominic to kiss and get it on, but in this chapter there is a lot of information again, on the bracelet and their connection this time though. I love the new character we get to meet in this chapter as well.  Lucy is the one that tells Dominic about his connection with Kerrigan and I love it! That bracelet means a lot more than I thought lol.  

The end of this chapter just about killed me where it leaves off though, seriously C.L. Parker, I was so yelling at you when I read this part!!! Leaving me hanging like that lol.  

"Kerrigan, stop!" Dominic reached out to stop her, but he was too late."

I really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait to read more.  Now lets chat about my question for the author for this chapter. 

C.L. Parker, do you get a kick out of cliff hangers and if so why? 

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