Monday, September 29, 2014

30 Day Book Challenge

30 Day Book Challenge

So this is actually one of my Bookish Bucket List items and I'm really excited to be able to cross it off my list.  A 30 Day Book Challenge is 30 days of items to take pictures of and share them on Instagram and I'm going to also share them here with all of you.  Making a post every day to share whatever it is that the list requires.  Did I mention how excited I am about this.  If I did oops, but it's worth saying again!

The Challenge

I'll be starting this challenge on October 1st and if you want to join in feel free.  This challenge wasn't my idea, but I can't seem to find out whose it was.  So if you know please let me know so I can credit them! Thanks.  

  • Day 1 ~ Best book you read last year 
  • Day 2 ~ A Book that you've read more than 3 times 
  • Day 3 ~ Your favorite series 
  • Day 4 ~ Favorite book of your favorite series 
  • Day 5 ~ A book that makes you happy 
  • Day 6 ~ A book that makes you sad 
  • Day 7 ~ A book that makes you laugh 
  • Day 8 ~ Most overrated book 
  • Day 9 ~ A book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving it
  • Day 10 ~ A book that reminds you of home 
  • Day 11 ~ A book you hated 
  • Day 12 ~ A book you love but hate at the same time
  • Day 13 ~ Your favorite writer 
  • Day 14 ~ Book turned movie and completely desecrated 
  • Day 15 ~ Favorite male character 
  • Day 16 ~ Favorite female character 
  • Day 17 ~ Favorite quote from your favorite book 
  • Day 18 ~ A book that disappointed you 
  • Day 19 ~ Favorite book turned into a movie 
  • Day 20 ~ Favorite romance book 
  • Day 21 ~ The first novel you remember reading 
  • Day 22 ~ A book that makes you cry 
  • Day 23 ~ A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven't 
  • Day 24 ~ A book that you wish more people would've read 
  • Day 25 ~ A character who you can relate to the most 
  • Day 26 ~ A book that changed your opinion about something 
  • Day 27 ~ The most surprising plot twist or ending 
  • Day 28 ~ Favorite title of a book 
  • Day 29 ~ A book that everyone hated but you liked 
  • Day 30 ~ Your favorite book of all time

So there you have it the whole list, 30 days of images.  Some of these days there might be more than one image. We shall see.  Some of the items above, I have a few different books in mind for the topic.  Now I can't wait till Oct 1st so I can start posting these. 

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