Friday, September 19, 2014

Bloggiesta Day 2: To Do List

So it's day two of Bloggiesta and I'm super excited to see what all I can get done today.  I knocked off a great list yesterday, so let's see what I can do today.  Below is today's list! I didn't get one thing knocked off my list yesterday, so I'll be adding that one challenge that I didn't get done to today's list.  

  • 2 Mini Challenges Completed (Mailchimp and Negative reviews)
  • Clean up Labels 
  • Graphics for Slider
  • Write 3 more posts and schedule them to go live
  • Organizing my Spreadsheet for books (Large item.  Might take a few days) 

So there is today's list, that last item is going to probably take all weekend long so get ready to see it on my list from now till Sunday.  I hope you all are doing great knocking those items on your lists off.  I'll be going to check out some of your posts tomorrow and commenting! Tomorrow is my comment day.

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