Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 5

Today's Challenge is to talk about who or what fostered my love of reading.  So that's exactly what I'm going to do, but in my case it wasn't just one thing.  

Like I said above it wasn't just one thing that fostered my love of reading, it was more like a group of things.  The first one being my mom, every time we went to the store my mom would buy me a book, from a very young age she helped me love reading and made it fun.  It never was a chore and that's the reason I'm the way I am with my kids.  She loves reading just as much as I do now.  We also both blog about books now. 

The next thing that fostered my love of reading was school, all of the schools I
went to helped me to realize how much reading meant to me.  I think the first book that I fell in love with due to school and it being assigned was The Outsiders, I can talk about that book forever and still not do it justice and how it's impacted my whole life.  The second book, I feel the same way about, is The Giver.  Which is why I'm super excited about it being a movie now. 

So yeah that's pretty much my story and how I came to love books as much as I do now.  

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