Friday, August 15, 2014

Snark Week: Day 5 ~ Snark Visual: Selling of ARC's

So today is the fifth day of Snark Week! It went really fast and since I didn't get to post my post yesterday, due to a blog tour.  I'm decided I would, in fact post today's.

Today's Topic

Day 5 – Snark Visual – Snark isn’t the same without animated gifs – review a book, or post about a snarky topic with the use of animated gifs

So today, I want to talk about a topic that has been on my mind recently.  Again I do not mean to upset anyone, this is my own opinion and of course you are entitled to your own.

Lately, I have noticed that there are a few bloggers and even publicists selling ARC's to a certain store.  No I'm not going to mention the store because well I don't want to get in trouble.  This store buys the books from the bloggers and then sells them.  Which is wrong, especially when the arc says NOT FOR SALE right on the cover.

 I have said something to this store about it and they state that their lawyer says its in their right to do this.

 I don't understand how this is okay or why they aren't getting in trouble for this! I went to a convention a few months ago and actually heard a certain publicist talking about taking some arcs to this same store and I asked her why she would do this and how she thought that it was okay to sell them.  She replied that it was the way things work. 

What do you think I should do? IS there anything I can do, I don't think this is okay and I don't think that the publishers or authors know about this.  Or should I do anything and just ignore it? I'm at a loss as of what to do really. I would really love to hear other bloggers (reviewers) thoughts on this one.

Again thanks to Parajunkee for hosting Snark Week, it was a lot of fun! 

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