Friday, January 15, 2016

#FitReaders Weekly Check In: Week 2

So this is my second week with the #FitReaders and I must say I'm really enjoying this.  Yes some of the day's I didn't reach my goals, but mainly I'm actually getting up and doing things.  I was sick for two days this week, one of which my steps are pretty low, but other than that I'm pretty happy with my count. 

This Week:

  • Saturday: 6449 Steps and 65 Mins of activity. 
  • Sunday: 3000 Steps (Stupid snow!) But I did play with my kids out in the snow without a tracker on.  It was a blast!! 
  • Monday: 7166 Steps, active for 65 minutes and walked 4.01 Miles! 
  • Tuesday: Again stupid snow day, it was so cold there was no way to go out and do anything.  But I did get a few steps in 572 Steps and active for 30 Minuets. 
  • Wednesday: 4565 Steps (Sick day, but still managed to get some steps in.) Walked almost 2 miles.
  • Thursday: 6000 Steps! Active for 62 Minutes.  
  • Friday: 6510 Steps, active for 70 minutes and walked 3.3 Miles!! 

I also ate pretty healthy this week, which is different for me as well, cut back on the candy!! Over all I feel really good about this week and I'm hoping my sick days are over! Stupid stomach bug.

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