Sunday, January 31, 2016

Month In Review: January 2016

January is already over, well it's the last day of the month.  I swear it's so weird how fast some months just fly by. Anyway, it's been a great month here on Ali's Bookshelf.  So many great reviews and other posts, including discussion posts that I've loved writing.  

Books I Read In January

Reviews Posted in January
Other Special Posts
It's almost time for our first month of the Book Club after the revamp! Are you all ready to read Alienated? I'm super excited about this one and can't wait to start reading.  Also make sure you have joined the Goodreads group as well.  
Glance Into Ali's Month!  
 Each of these images came from Instagram throughout the month of January.  
This one is actually from today! I'm getting ready for #InCoWriMo.  Had to find a bunch of writing materials and cards. In February I'll be writing a letter every day and mailing it out to my lovely pen pals and other people that I don't even know.  Some military men and women overseas are just a few people that my letters will be going to.  
 These books are a glimpse of books that I'll be reading in the next several weeks.  
This is an instagram pick that I took to showcase a post I made on the blog.  It's one of the first #blogflashdaily posts! 
This lovely book stack was some of the books I've received lately.  Aren't they pretty? 
Just one of the books I have recieved to review for Mini Me Corner.  This one will be reviewed soon! 
So there's a glimpse into the past month here on the blog.  It's been a crazy month and I can't wait for February to be the same way.   I hope you're enjoying what I've been doing with Ali's Bookshelf lately and will enjoy the future posts. Thanks for sticking with me. 

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