Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ali Talks Live Chit Chat Edition: Authors Behaving Badly

Ali Talks Live is a place where I usually interview a author and chat about their books as well as themselves.  I love doing that, but I also love getting to chat about the hot topics.  Authors Behaving Badly is one that is a major one lately.  

Tonight's show was about that, we did not author bash and name names, we mainly talked about what an author can do when he or she gets a bad review.  We chatted about what bloggers can do if an author does go off.  I think its a great way to open the dialogue up so we can learn from each other. We are a community and we need to stop bashing each other and start working together!

I had a blast on tonight's show and want to thank everyone that came on and called in.  Also the listeners in the chat room rocked and asked great questions. So thanks!  

Below you will find the recording of tonight's show. I hope this helps authors and bloggers connect more and help each other to understand both sides of the story.  

Just remember DON'T BE A TOOL! That is one of my favorite lines from tonight's show but it is the truth, authors need to understand that bloggers work really hard and we aren't getting paid for this.  Like Terri Giuliano Long stated in tonight's show.  I hope you listen to the show and learn something or agree with it, if not, your entitled to your own opinion, but I want this to open the discussion up!  I think the rude comments and author's being rude and bloggers doing the same thing has to stop!!  

With all that being said, here is the show just in case you missed it!!! 

Authors and Bloggers alike...remember the one major line on tonight's show... 
Don't be a Tool!!!
As always Happy Reading!!! 

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