Friday, August 24, 2012

#BlogFlash2012 Day 24

So, yeah its day 24 of BlogFlash2012, and I must say doing this every day post has brought me some great comments and a lot of posts this month.  I have never went over 55 posts in a month and im over 70 for August.  But anyway, here is today's prompt.  

Alright, so today's prompt is In The Woods, well I think they may have tried to stump me again.  Hmmm what can I say about In the woods.  Well I guess I can tell a personal fact about me again.  Or I got it, I'll talk about The Iron King again.  I am loving this book and I'm still in the begining where they are in the Nevernever.  Puck just turned into a horse, I know its crazy, but he totally did.  But now he left her so the things would follow him and she is now chatting with a cat! 

I am loving this book so much.  I needed a bit of fantasy YA lately and I think I found exactly what I was needing.  

Have you read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa? If so what did you think about this book?

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