Saturday, August 18, 2012

#BlogFlash2012 Day 18

Alright, so by now you know the deal, its day 18 of BlogFlash2012!!! Today's prompt is below and let's see what I can write about for this one. 

So, Wild at Heart is the prompt today...this is actually a tough one for me.  Alright, I got it.  Let's chat about those characters that are supposed to be the good ones, but also have their wild streaks to them as well.  

Who is your favorite character like this?  

Mine would have to be Tiernan from one of the books I'm reading now, Reunited is a great book.  Tiernan is one of those rebel chicks who acts like a total bad chick, but she's really not! She truly cares about her friends and well her ex best friends.  I am loving this book so much. 

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